Buy Banner Ads Online
Buy Banner Ads Online

How to Publish Ads

To Publish Ads:

1. Publish the ad.
►After publication, the ad is automatically temporarily blocked by the system.
2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to pay for the ad.
►After payment, the ad will be unblocked and will become visible on the site.

 Publication Cost:

►All ads - are published for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to choose from.

 prices for Ads publication

►STANDARD ADS - 15$ for 90 days - Standard ads will not stay in the top, as new ads are published or existing ones are promoted, your ad goes down.

►PREMIUM ADS - 30$ for 90 days - Premium placement is an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your ads by making them as visible as possible to potential customers. Premium ads are marked with a special icon that indicates the highest status of the ad. Such ads have the highest priority and are always placed in the top positions in the list of ads both during standard viewing and in search results. 

►HIGHLIGHTED ADS - 21$ for 90 days - Highlighting with color (blue background) is an opportunity to make the ad brighter, to attract more attention to it.

►PACK 3-IN-1 ADS - 45$ for 90 days - This option includes: Premium , Highlight and Automatically moving the ad to the top every day. The most powerful and effective way to advertise your products and services. Viewed by users 100 times more often than standard ads.

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